Athletic tall women know better than anyone how important it is to have sportswear that fits properly. Whether it is naked, cold ankles on your run around the block or a shirt that keeps creeping up during volleyball practice, clothing that is too short simple isn't comfortable and hinders you in your athletic activities. That is why you need extra tall sportswear!

Available sizes: 36" inseam38" inseam
Popular colours: blackdark bluered


Sportspants that are longer, are often also much wider, but at Highleytall's special request the Italian sports brand Panzeri produces their taller sizes in regular widths so they will fit tall people better. You can choose from women's sweatpants, yoga pants and running tights with a 36" or 38" inside leg. Of course, your sports outfit is not complete without a tall sports shirt or a tall sports jackets with extra long sleeves, so of course you can find plenty of those at Panzeri's as well! As a tall woman, you have never worked out as comfortably as you will in the high-quality, extra long gear from Panzeri.