Jackets & Blazers

Be it a summer coat or a winter coat, you need your coat to be long enough in every season. Not just the back should be long enough to keep you covered and warm, the length of the sleeves is also important. Find your perfect, extra tall coat today - and never worry about its length again!


If you are a man who is a bit taller than the average, you will soon find that most coats found in regular stores are not a good length for you. Being rather tall has its advantages, but there certainly are some disadvantages as well, and the challenge of finding a good coat is one of them. Our entire assortment is produced and stocked with tall men in mind, which means all coats and jackets found here at Highleytall are suited for tall men. Our jackets and coats are extra tall and have extra long sleeves. You can choose from a variety of styles, colours and sizes. Consider, for example, the athletic coats by Brigg, or the more classic look of Redpoint coats. Each brand has its own style, but they all have one thing in common: tall sizes with extra long sleeves.