Tall Mens Shirts

Do you enjoy a good dress shirt, but struggle with the sleeves being too short? If you are a man of 6'2" or over, this is probably a familiar problem to you. You can roll up your sleeves, but better yet, you can shop at Highleytall! At Highleytall, all dress shirts have extra long sleeves. This means the sleeves are 72 cm long, measured from shoulder to wrist. In other words, you are guaranteed a shirt with the right sleeve length!


The back length of the shirts are also longer than usual, approximately 10 cm longer than regular dress shirts. So not just the sleeves are tailored to tall men, the entire shirt is perfect for a tall frame. Are you in the market for a nice basic dress shirt or a dress shirt with an eye-catching print? Highleytall offers a range of both unicolour and patterned dress shirts. Choose a shirt with checkers, polkadots, or or a nice basic dress shirt in dark blue or white - thanks to our large selection of tall mens shirts, we have something for every tall man looking for a shirt. Don't delay - order now and before you know it, you will be wearing that perfectly fitting dress shirt in the right length!