Sweaters & jackets

Whether you like to go running or have a different sport your prefer, a proper outfit is indispensable for outdoor sports. Good thing Highleytall offers a variety of athletic jackets and swearers for men, in special extra tall sizes. These tall sizes have long sleeves (72 cm from shoulder to wrist) and a longer body.

Extra tall sweaters and sports jackets for tall men

A proper outfit is one that fits right, and has the right length for your body. For tall men, it can be quite difficult to find such clothing. When it comes to sports jackets and athletic sweaters, you will often find that the sleeves and the front and back pieces might be too short, leaving parts of your exposed. And as a consequence, you have trouble keeping warm during your workout routine. Our tall men's jackets and sweaters are not just longer, the proportions have also been adjusted to match the proportions of a tall man. This ensures that you will always find a good tall jacket or sweater for your favourite outdoor sports right here at Highleytall - and you need not worry about the length!