During your exercise routine, your body is constantly in motion and you need clothing that fits just right - you certainly do not need a shirt that's too short! That is why Highleytall offers a range of sportswear for tall men, including a variety of extra tall sports shirts. Whether you are looking for a short-sleeved shirt to wear to the gym, a complete soccer outfit, or a tight cycling shirt, you will find it here, and all in tall sizes!

Extra tall sports shirts for men

Our extra tall sports shirts were specially designed for tall men. The shirts are not just longer, the proportuins have also been adjusted to match the taller body. Many of our tall sports shirts are produced by the Italian brand Panzeri, who produce their items in taller sizes at Highleytall's request. The Panzeri shirts are made from functional, breathing fabric, ensuring a good fit and great comfort. If you are an atheltic tall man looking for properly fitting sportswear and tall sports shirts, you have come to the right place.