Running clothing

Eclusively available at Highleytall only: a unique series of extra tall running gear. The running clothing is part of a special Athletics-collection by Panzeri and is produced in taller sizes at our special request. The running tights and jackets have a great quality to them and are made of special, breathting fabrics, making them perfect for a run.


The tights are made of very flexible stretch fabric and come with a 38" or a 40" inseam. The shirts and jackets have extra long sleeves (72 cm from the shoulder to the wrist) and a longer body. This way, you will never be bothered by exposed, cold ankles or a wrists or a shirt that keeps creeping up your back.

At Highleytall's request, several extras have been added to the running clothing to make it even more convenient and comfortable to use. We have added reflective stripes to the tights, so you can go running in the evenings while remaining safe and visible after sunset. The tights also come with a small pocket on the inside of the waist, perfect for keeping your keys or a small MP3-player.

Briefly put, if you are a tall athletic man who enjoys running, you can stop looking: Highleytall has the perfect running gear, in your size and inseam and tailored to your needs!