Does your height give you trouble finding a good sweater or cardigan that doesn't fit you like a tent or, worse yet, is way too short? You probably also have a lot of trouble with long sleeves, which are not so long on your arms! There is good news: there is such a thing as sweaters and cardigans designed specially for tall men! These are extra tall and also have extra long sleeves. All the sweaters you can find at Highleytall, are extra long and have sleeve length 7.

Extra tall men's sweaters

The sleeves on all our tall men's clothing are 72 cm long, measured from the shoulder to the wrist. So you will never have bare wrists and cold forearms again! Our extra tall sweaters and cardigans simply fit correctly, and as a result they keep you warm like a good sweater should. Of course, we offer a lot of choice: our assortment includes sweaters with or without a hood, in neat basic colours, or with an eye-catching print... Whichever you choose: our sweaters and cardigans are designed for tall men, and you can feel and see the difference when you wear them. You will never want to go back!