38 inseam

Do you always have trouble finding trousers or jeans that are long enough to neatly reach down to your shoes? In most men's clothing stores, the tallest size you can find is usually a 34" or 36" inseam, and unfortunately for you these sizes always look like flood pants on you. You must be questing for 38" inseam men's trousers, and Highleytall is where you will find them!


Dutch men are becoming taller and taller and 38" inseam pants are no unneeded luxury - Highleytall ships globally, so you as a tall man elsewhere in the world also profit! If you are a tall man of over 6'2", you probably need 38" inseam jeans and trousers, and you will find them right here. Thanks to Highleytall, you are guaranteed to find the greatest trousers and jeans with the right inseam for you. Our collection of men's trousers and jeans is remarkably extensive! You will never have to wair awkwardly short trousers again, instead you can confidently order 38" inseam men's trousers and jeans from Highleytall. Before you know it, you new favourite tall trousers or jeans will be delivered right to your door. We are very glad to have you!