40 inseam

If you are a man of above average height, you probably often run into the problem that many trousers are too short for you. Many clothing stores or brands do not produce different inseam sizes or only have a limited range of inseams, and you always find yourself falling outside the range. But we have happy news for you: this is now a thing of the past, as at Highleytall you can find plenty of trousers and jeans with a 40" inseam! Our web shop has a large assortiment of trousers with a 40" inseam.


Slim pants, chino trousers or straight legged jeans - we have got something for everyone. On top of that, we offer a lot of variety when it comes to colours and washes, including grey, blue, brown and shades of beige. Of course, you can choose from many different brands. Our assortment of 40" inseam jeans and trousers includes brands such as Alberto, Mustang Jeans and Mavi Jeans. You can easily select brands, sizes or price ranges to filter your search results by, so filling your shopping cart becomes a breeze. We have everything a (very) tall man looking to refresh his wardrobe could hope for!