When you work out, you need your sportswear to fit just right. If it doesn't, you can't always move as freely as you want or need. As a long woman, you probably know how uncomfortable it is to work out in clothing that is too short. People are on average becoming taller and Highleytall is happy to cater to the clothing needs of the growing demographic of tall people. At Highleytall, you find plenty of extra tall sportswear for women, such as tall sweatpants, shorts, jacks and even skiwear.

Our sports trousers and running tights actually come down to your ankles and keep your lower legs warm! Our collection includes brands such as Panzeri and Brigg, and we regularly add new brands or items. Our tall women's sportswear is available in a variety of colours and sizes. Not being able to find fitting sportswear is no longer an excuse to avoid exercising!