Mavi Jeans

The latest Mavi Jeans for men with a 38" or 40" leg are always found online at Highleytall! Mavi is a great brand for tall, slim men: the jeans come in sizes as small as W28/L38! Mavi Jeans is one of our most popular brands, and for good reason. Mavi is known for its fashionable and comfortable jeans.

Available inseams: 38" inseam40" inseam
Popular colours: bluedark bluegrey


Do you often find that your trousers or jeans are too short, and your ankles feel bare and cold? You will not have to worry about this at all if you shop Mavi Jeans, because Mavi's extra tall men's jeans come with 38" or 40" legs. Mavi Jeans has a fitting and very contemporary jeans for every tall man. Highleytall has made a special selection of colours, washes and models suited for tall men. Mavi Jeans is also known for its great comfort, consider for example the Ultra Move line of jeans with extra stretch so you can move completely freely.