The average man is becoming taller and we are happy to cater to this development. Because at Highleytall, you find extra tall sportswear for tall men, including sports pants, running gear and sweaters. Our assortment of tall men's sportwear includes brands like Kitaro, Authentic Klein and Panzeri and we continue to add new articles and brands all the time.


When you exercise, you want your sportsgear to fit perfectly. You just do not need the clothing you wear during sports to be too big or too small. Are you a tall man? If so, you probably know there is nothing more uncomfortable than working out in sportswear that just is too short for your body. But with Highleytall, you can find the training pants you have been looking for - that do not just reach your ankles, but also keep your ankles warm and reach down to your sneakers when you run! Many of our extra long sports pants and sports tops with extra long sleeves come in various sizes and colours. So whatever it is you need, with us you will no longer have an excuse to put off working out.