North 56˚4

The Danish brand North 56˚4 is a daughter brand to clothing producer Allsize and stands for modern and athletic clothing with a characteristic Scandinavian style. Allsize has long been known for its large sizes, but is less widely known for its outstanding collection in tall sizes. North 56˚4 is the brand you need if you are looking for tall sweaters or shirts with extra long sleeves.


North 56˚4 also often presents sportswear as part of its collection. Their ski pants with 38" inseam is a great example of their expertise - we have yet to find ski pants taller than North's! Figurehead of the brand is Danish basketball player Chris Christoffersen, who is 218 cm tall (over 7'1")!

All North 56˚4 clothing available at Highleytall is extra long and has extra long sleeves, comparable in length to sleeve length 7 (72 cm from shoulder to wrist).