Replika Jeans

The Danish brand Replika Jeans has been a prolific creator of large men's sizes for years and has more recently come out with a clothing range in extra tall sizes. Replika stands for everyday clothing with a cool look, for example a casual t-shirt or comfortable sweater with a bold or unique print. Highleytall's entire selection of Replika Jeans items comes in tall sizes.


"Tall sizes" means the back length is longer, and the sleeves are longer than on regular shirts as well. All sweaters, jackets and other clothing items with long sleeves have a sleeve length of 72 cm, measured from the shoulder to the wrist. In addition to tall sizes, Replika Jeans also produces large sizes and nearly all our articles are available in sizes MT through 3XL, many even up to size 4XL! So whether you are slim or well-set, as a tall man, you will always find a shirt, sweater or coat tailored to your body type if you shop Replika Jeans.